Article 1: Implementation

This sponsorship system is in place from January 1, 2021. Costa Azahar real estate agency reserves the right to interpret, modify or stop this sponsorship operation, in whole or in part, without affecting prejudice to the rights of the sponsor for the sponsorship (s) in progress prior to the modification or interruption of said device, provided that the modifications in question do not result from legal obligations. The eligibility rules for prospects, sponsors and products as defined below and may therefore be subject to modifications, deletions or additions in accordance with the applicable legal procedures and provisions.

Article 2: Sponsor’s eligibility conditions

Sponsorship is open to any adult natural person.

Article 3: Conditions of eligibility of the godson

The godson is a natural person:

– which entrusts the mandate of sale of its property to Costa Azahar real estate agency.

Article 4: Validity of sponsorship

The sponsor has just to submit his request by whatsApp or send the sponsorship information by email to
before the godson’s first visit to our points of sale. Sponsorship cannot be retroactive. The sponsor’s remuneration will only be due in the absence of any competition or participation of a professional in the presentation of the godson, who could submit a request for remuneration under this head.

Article 5: Agreement of the godson

Upon declaration of sponsorship, the godson is contacted by Costa Azahar real estate for validation of his personal information.

Article 6: Competition from sponsors

In the event that 2 people wish to become sponsors of the same godson, the first person who communicated the contact details of said godson, and who meets all the conditions defined in these regulations, will receive the sum of money as defined in article 9 .

Article 7: Product eligibility

The products marketed by Costa Azahar agency eligible for sponsorship are as follows:

– sale of a property located in the geographical area of intervention of the firm and negotiated by the Costa Azahar real estate agency.

– sale by Costa Azahar real estate agency of a property located in the geographical area of intervention of the real estate agency.

Article 8: remuneration of the sponsor

For any sales mandate entrusted by the godson to Costa Azahar real estate agency, the sponsor receives a reward of € 500 by bank transfer.


Estudio, apartamento, casa, chalet o terreno a partir de 70.000 euros de venta neta.

Studio, apartment, house, chalet or land from € 70,000 net seller.
The reward in the event of the sale of the property can be kept by the sponsor or donated to the association of his choice directly by costa azahar real estate.
The amount received by the sponsor is subject to income tax for the year of collection. It is up to the sponsor to declare it.

Article 9: Realization of sales

The bank transfer deadline is 45 days from the signing of the sales mandate or the notarial deed.

Article 10: Number of sponsorship

The number of sponsorship is unlimited.

Article 11: Self-sponsorship

Self-sponsorship is not allowed.